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have a varied career in editing and writing, from academic and multimedia publishing to public information and social service programs and technical manuals and reference books. I have special interest in history, language, culture, social change, and experiencing life in distinctive places.

MAT English (Ohio); BS History (Ohio); bilingual certification, Arizona Department of Education

Moderator (since 2004): 125-member Spanish conversation group

Travel in India, Thailand, Brazil, and Bolivia; three years in Peru and Mexico

Four years' teaching and curriculum experience: GED and ESL, New York, Chicago; EFL in Peru

Favorite resources : University of Chicago, MLA, AP, and APA style guides; Chicago Women in Publishing; Merriam-Webster in many formats; wordreference.com; Real Academia, Diccionario panhispánico de dudas, Open Thesaurus (multilingual) from Berlios, international reader-built, asihablamos.com (international reader-built dictionary of Latin American Spanish)

I live in Phoenix, Arizona, where I put up cheerfully with the dry heat and the hot air.